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Info Please see our Technical Support & Software Maintenance Plan Renewal Policy before proceeding.

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PHONE: +1 973-625-1604
Monday to Friday: 9:00AM -  6:00PM EST

To better support you, we encourge you to submit a support ticket as listed above; we reply to support requests 24/7.

You may also contact via e-mail: 


Support Procedure:
Here is how to obtain a fast answer to your questions or help you find a solution to your technical support issues:

  1. Login to Members Center and see if a new update addresses your issue. An active member status is required.

    See the Frequently Asked Questions / Help page.
    When calling, be in front of your computer and be ready to provide the version of LimoWiz (located on top corner of the program) and operating system you're using (i.e. Windows 10, etc.). If you leave a voice message, provide a detailed description of the issue you are calling about.

  2. Read the update history at Update History for more information on new features, fixes and improvements.

  3. Submit a Support Ticket

  4. If you need to send us screen shots, email them to or use the upload link on the support form.
    (Use your cell phone to take a picture or use a screen capture software)

  5. Your support request must include your licensed company name, contact name and address information. It also must have a DETAILED description of the issue.

  6. If an issue cannot be resolved via email, we may arrange a remote web session within a reasonable time.

  7. If you are not up to date and you are your support contract is active, download and install the latest LimoWiz version; make sure you backup your data before updating either by using the LimoWiz backup icon or by creating a copy of the LimoWiz data folder.

  8. If support contract is expired, you must renew support contract before receiving any type of support; activation of support contract may take up to 24 hours, but it is usually activated within 3 hours.

  9. We value your business and understand technical support is vital to a smooth operation of your business, however, to provide you with the best possible technical support and updates, obtaining any software versions requires an active and current maintenance and support subscription. We are not obligated to support expired users. If your support contract has expired, please renew it now by logging into member account.
  10. When you purchase LimoWiz, you are granted one year of support from date of purchase which includes updates which you may download from the members page.
  11. We reserve the right to update or change this policy at anytime.