LimoWiz Trial:

This is a trial and will not upgrade existing LimoWiz versions.

Licensed LimoWiz Users: DO NOT download trial version as it will turn your LimoWiz program into a trial.

Click here download LimoWiz trial

See the LimoWiz  Youtube LimoWiz Channel trial video on YouTube.

 This video shows you how to download and install LimoWiz and explains how to start using LimoWiz. Make sure you see the other LimoWiz videos.

LimoWiz Trial Download and Installation Instructions:

  1. Click the the download link below, then choose Save (not run), to a folder of your choice.
  2. After download is complete, click run (or open), to begin installation.
  3. The installation wizard will start. When prompted for installation type, select "Single User Installation".
  4. Click Next button through out the installation wizard.

Additional Required Downloads:

Download the PDF Printer Driver. This is needed if you want to email PDF documents.

Download LimoWiz Manual:

Trial is fully functional in most areas.

There is NO time limitation, however, you can enter up to 100 trips or run it up to 500 times.

If you intend to purchase, please order before trial expires to avoid any down time!

Hints and Tips on Using LimoWiz:
  1. To begin, enter your company address and phone numbers on the LIMO ID list. Click edit, make changes and save.
  2. Click on the Settings icon on the top toolbar and go through the various tabs to setup your preferences.
  3. For email, you need to setup Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express and tell LimoWiz which program to use. This is done the last tab page of the Settings inside LimoWiz.
  4. Enter a few accounts, drivers, vehicles, etc. See the Browse menu on top or Listing icon on top toolbar.
  5. Enter your airport codes and codes for important locations, like NYC, JFK, EWR, LAX. METRO, etc, in the Airport Codes and Locations List.
    You enter the codes that apply to your state. These codes will be used when entering trip zones and their prices.
  6. Enter prices (rates) in the rates table. Please see the manual for extensive explanations on how to enter your prices.
  7. Enter service types, like SEDAN, LIMO 10 PASSENGERS, VAN 15 PASSENGERS, HUMMER 10 PAX, HUMMER 15 PAX, etc.
    Please see the manual for extensive explanations on how to enter your service types.
  8. Enter trips either from the Add button on top left corner or using the Dispatch button. The Dispatch button defaults to today's date, click Find button to display dispatch window. The dispatch window will act as your control center when you can add. edit, delete, print, email trips, etc. See all the buttons on on bottom of dispatch window.