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LimoWiz Web Reservations

LimoWizOnline Web Reservations Module:

LimoWizOnline is enables you to place a "Online Reservations" button on website which your customers to make online reservations, request price quotations. It allows you to manage those requests, then download them to LimoWiz desktop using LimoWizOnline Download Utility program.


  1. Responsive website that may be used on any mobile device like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Windows, etc.

  2. Reservations module plugs into your existing website via a hyper link.
    For example: Add a "Online Reservations" button that points to custom reservation module which is by us such as: https://YourLimoCompany.limowizonline.com.

  3. Secure communications and data encryption using the strongest encryption methods available to conform to PCI standards.

  4. Even if you only have a website domain registered, you can point your domain to our reservations module directly.
    For example: if you have mylimosite.com registered, you can have it point to: https://YourLimoCompany.limowizonline.com.
    So, when some types mylimosite.com in Internet browser, it automatically forwards to our reservation engine:

  5. Automatic updates and backup.
    No Hardware and no programming skills required.
    We provide you with basic training free of charge.

  6. No per reservation fee.

  7. No upfront costs. Pay only the monthly fee. No  Long Terms Contracts. No Hidden Fees.

  8. Customer reservations retention for 6 months.

  9. Control panel to customize the look and feel of web site, create links, pages, setup terms, conditions, service types, accepted payments methods like CREDIT CARD, CHECK, CASH, etc., airlines, airports, and more.

  10. Automatic email notifications of new reservations or quotations and newly registered accounts.

  11. Upload your LimoWiz desktop software data to the website, such airlines, pay methods, services types, trip status codes which will make importing web reservation into desktop easy.

  12. Upload your current LimoWiz desktop accounts to the website so that site visitors can register their account faster via an easy look up.

  13. Registered customers can view past reservations made online and check status.

  14. Download reservations and accounts into LimoWiz using LimoWizOnline Local Download Utility program.

Cost: $95.00 per Month

No setup fee

May be paid on monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Companies with multiple company LIMO IDs must have a separate contract per Limo ID (per company).

Terms of Service

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A small sample of client websites:

LWO Screen Shot
Import reservations and accounts into LimoWiz desktop software. You only need to finalize the cost and email a confirmation to your client.

LWO Import Utility