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Pre-Sales Questions:

How can LimoWiz help my Limousine business?
LimoWiz is not limited to regular limousine business, it can be used with black car services, funeral services, charter and bus services. If you need something done, please email us with a request. A FREE trial is available for you to test.

How does LimoWiz compare to the competition?
We invite you to download a free trial version of LimoWiz and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. See LimoWiz features and compare. You are the best judge but we're sure you will come to the conclusion that LimoWiz is the best choice. Some of the competition charge so much and some charge for free stuff you can get from the Internet, such as mapping and flight arrival information. Some callers ask us why we charge so little, while other companies charge so much for their software, we say ask those companies that question. Furthermore, you do not have to pay for bells and whistles, you will never use.If you need initial help on setting up LimoWiz and learning how to use it, we can remotely assist you via web support or phone; you do not have to pay for expensive onsite training sessions.

What kind of support do I expect from Creative Software and what are my options?
As a LimoWiz user you can only expect the best technical support via phone and email, even during the free trial period. Please see the testimonials page and read what LimoWiz user are saying about our support and LimoWiz. We initially give you 6 months of free technical support and updates to LimoWiz whether minor or major, which you can download. Optional yearly
maintenance and support plans are available for single and network version of LimoWiz. Being current means having peace of mind and having the latest version of LimoWiz a long with the friendly and professional technical that you demand. (Free support is now extended to one year)

What is your purchase and shipping policy?
Please click here for details.

What is the difference between the LimoWiz Single user version and the Multi-User version (Network)?
LimoWiz Single user version can only be used on one desktop computer or a laptop computer (notebook) by one Limousine service. Data maybe exchanged between a desktop and a laptop via the Backup/Restore feature of LimoWiz.
LimoWiz Network version can used in a local office by a single Limousine service. One computer can act as a server and all other computers as clients (workstations). The server can also be used to run LimoWiz, i.e., it does not require a dedicated server.

How easy is Network installation?
For more information on network installation, please click here. After your network administrator or someone familiar with network installation configures your network correctly and ensures the server is accessible by all clients (workstations),  you just insert the installation CD or run the downloaded installation program and follow wizard and instructions enclosed in the online or printed manual.

What is included in LimoWiz?
LimoWiz contains billing, dispatching, A/R, Payroll (before taxes), Email support, Windows 2000 and XP Fax.

Fax supports any Fax program that acts as printer driver. You may also use Internet based faxing accounts like Ring Central, etc.

Can I do Credit Card Authorization with LimoWiz?
Yes, LimoWiz is integrated Authorize.NET and PC Charge Pro to provide seamless interface for quick and accurate processing for credit card transactions. LimoWiz eliminates the manual and tedious work of entering credit card numbers and billing address information. It will also save you on credit card transaction fees because LimoWiz sends BILLING ADDRESS AND ZIP CODE information to the credit card company ensuring compliance and less chance for fraud. Completely eliminate the dummy terminal that costs more and is less productive.

What do recommend for a computer to use LimoWiz on?
Please see the LimoWiz requirements.

Is the information I enter in the free trial version transferable to the full version when I purchase LimoWiz?
Yes, you install a new license and run the latest version of LimoWiz. All your data will transfer by the installation program and you can continue working with LimoWiz.

Can I transfer account data from other programs to LimoWiz?
Yes, you can. The account list window has a button to import data in CSV format which is a comma delimited format text file of customer data.  Details on the required format and the names of fields that you may import will be listed on the import window.