Subject: Accessing LimoWiz data files is slow on local area network? How to speed it up?
Category: Installation
  1. The Antivirus real time protection may slow the opening of data files. Your anti-virus software should have an option that excludes certain folders or files. You will need to exclude the limowiz2000 folder on all computers that use LimoWiz.

  2. If it slows down because the system is in the idle mode,  change the Network Card's Power Management settings by going to the properties of the NIC (Network Card) then click the Configuration tab, then Power Management, Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Uncheck it.

  3. Use high quality and high speed direct-wired network cables. Wireless networks can be unreliable because of interferences from other devices and you may risk data loss or corruption if a power outage occurs.

  4. Check if your network router has the latest firmware update from the manufacturer.

  5. Use a Gigabit router and make sure all computers also use Gigabit network cards. Older computer may be running at 100mb speed instead of 1 Gbps.

  6. The Audit file can grow very large, thus we added a warning when the number of records reaches a certain number.

    To clear the records, you go the Browse menu, choose Audit, enter the starting and ending dates and click Delete button.
    To go back the performance, you MUST Index and PACK from the File menu! This is extremely important!

    * Note, You MUST be logged into LimoWiz as the master account.