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Subject: My Network is Down or a Workstation cannot see server, What Should I do?
Category: Installation

Network users: If one of the workstations can't find the data path to LimoWiz, this could mean a few things:

  1. Make sure the server (where the LimoWiz data is located) is turned ON. (Yes, some users think that the server can be turned off).
  2. Make sure in the Power Options, the "Turn off hard disk" is set to NEVER. See Windows Control Panel. Is the limowiz2000 folder on shared and accessible by other workstations on the network?
  3. If you get an invalid data path, verify that the C:\Limowiz2000 folder on the server is SHARED and has Full Access privileges
    (Allow user to change files).
  4. Is "Everyone" user granted "Full Control" to the limowiz2000 folder.
  5. Are the server and workstations on the same network workgroup, for example: MSHOME or WORKGROUP, etc?
  6. Try rebooting the workstation and wait a minute. Click on Network places and verify that you can see the Server in the list of computer icons. If you see it, log into LimoWiz.
  7. Check network cables and router. Are they secure and connected?
  8. Check your Firewall setting, ensuring that it is not blocking network traffic.
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