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Subject: Gmail Account Setup - Send Email
Category: Email

Gmail Account Setup in LimoWiz:

First, create an account with Gmail at or login into your Gmail account if it is already setup.

Click the following link to allow LimoWiz to send email:    

Click the On option.

Note: if you have Two Factor Authentication active on your Gmail account, see the following article: 

Go into LimoWiz Settings, click Email Account tab.

Select LimoWiz Email Engine – Send Only from the Email Program to Use options.

Click the first three check boxes as shown on screen shot below.

On the right side . See screen shot below for a sample:

  1. Company Name: Enter your company

  2. Email Address: enter your full Gmail email address

  3. Outgoing mail server:

  4. Encrypted Connection Type: TLS

  5. Port Number: 587

  6. Time Out:  60  or 120    

  7. Email Address: your FULL Gmail Address ( same as above).

  8. Password:  (this is case sensitive)

Click Test Account Settings button.

NOTE: Make sure the email address in the Email header is the same as the email address in the mail server settings.  This is due to stricter email policies by email system providers.

If test succeeds, save your changes. If not verify your settings and try again,


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