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Subject: Email account setup
Category: Email

There are 3 areas where you could setup email servers which are used in the following order:

1) User account (File menu, LimoWiz user setup)

2) LIMO ID email settings (File menu, Limo ID email settings)

3) Settings (email acct tab)

If a user has an email account, it will be used, if not, search for Limo ID email settings, otherwise search the Settings.

If you only want to use the email account under the Settings, make sure each of user accounts has no email account and that are there are no Limo ID email settings, otherwise you will get connection errors because LimoWiz is pulling info based on the above order (1, 2, 3) and it is possible the mail server is not setup correctly.

Also, make sure the Authentication Method is selected correctly, by default most email server use:

Sample SMTP Mail Server Settings (outgoing email only):
If you find new settings, let us know via the Contact Us page and we'll add it.

ProviderOutgoing Mail ServerEncrypted Connection TypeSMTP Port
 Go Daddy NONE 80
 Gmail TLS 587
 Verizon TLS 587
 1&1 NONE 587
 AOL SSL 465
 AT&T SSL 465
 Comcast NONE 587
 Cox NONE 587 
 Yahoo SSL 465 NONE 587 NONE 587

If you are using Gmail and you get an SMTP error, you need to allow less secure apps. Click and click the On option.

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