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Subject: LimoWiz Single User Version Installation:
Category: Installation

Before beginning the installation, close ALL opened applications. If upgrading, please backup your data before proceeding.

  1. Select the installation directory. The default is C:\LimoWiz2000 (Please do not change this folder in order to avoid future upgrade conflicts) and proceed until installation is finished.

  2. A second window will come up with LimoWiz installation, just click Next to accept the defaults. If there is no data in the new LimoWiz folder, the installer will ask you if this is an upgrade from a previous version and it will also ask you to enter the data path containing the old data .

    When installation is complete, three icons will be created:
  • On the Desktop
  • Under Windows Programs menu / LimoWiz
  • On the Startup menu.

Here a sample installation screen shots: