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Subject: What do I need, to run LimoWiz on a Windows network?
Category: Installation

    LimoWiz is compatible with Windows 7, 8, Windows 10, Server 2008, Server 2012 networks and above.

    You need the following:

    • A Network or DSL/Cable-Network Router. A 4-port hub is a good starting point.
    • Ether fast Network Cards. These must be of good quality and have a speed of 1000 GB. CAT-5 or CAT-6

    Installing LimoWiz on a local area network (LAN):

    Make sure network is setup properly and that the computers on the network can see each other via the Network Neighborhood icon or Network Places.

    Close ALL opened applications. If upgrading, please backup your data before proceeding.

      Run the setup program or insert CD if any. Various screens will appear, read and click next. If you were sent the download links, please follow the instructions on downloading your license key and downloading the LimoWiz setup program.
      Select the installation directory. The default is C:\LimoWiz2000. Please do not change this folder in order to avoid future upgrade conflicts.
        Start with the main computer where LimoWiz data will stored:

        Select Server Installation:

        When the Second Step window appears, just click Next to accept the defaults. If there is no data in the new LimoWiz folder, the installer will ask you if this is an upgrade from a previous version and it will asks you to enter the data path from where the old data resides. When installation is complete, three icons will be created: one on the Desktop and the other under Windows Programs menu / LimoWiz and one on the Startup menu.

        Sharing the LimoWiz Folder:

          To ensure that the limowiz2000 folder is accessible and seen by clients' computers on the network, it must be shared. Double click on My Computer icon desktop, or go to Start icon, Programs then select Windows Explorer to display the drives and folder on drive C: The folder sharing properties can be accessed from the context pop-up menu that appear when you right click the mouse on a folder or drive as show below, under Windows XP:
          Select Sharing and Security.

          Click both check boxes as shown on the  image above.

          On the server (main computer), the LimoWiz data path by default is 'c:\limowiz2000' Please keep path as “c:\limowiz2000” to avoid future upgrade issues

          Installing LimoWiz on Workstations (Client Computers):

            Go into Network Places from client's machine and make sure that the server is visible. Install LimoWiz using the setup program or CD or downloaded LimoWiz Setup program.
            Select Client Installation. Click next until finished. Installation will be quicker since no data is installed on the client's computerer, just program files.
            After installation is complete, run the LimoWiz program on the client's system. It will ask for the LimoWiz data path. You need to set it to the server's shared LimoWiz data path:

            Suppose the server is MyServer or Monster or Jim or whatever you named it. Click the button to the Browse Folder window. Drill down (click on + sign) thru Entire Network or Microsoft Client Network depends on version of Windows used). Drill down (click on + sign) until you find the limowiz2000 folder under drive C or whichever drive your LimoWiz is on. Then click the OK button. You will see something like the following. In this the network drive it is called Monster ( yours will be different). 

            Do the same procedure on all client computers. The path will be the same. You DO NOT have to map drive.

            Note: If you have difficulty understanding the above, please seek the help of someone with knowledge of setting up networks. Again, please note, the window images that you see here may look different on various Windows operating systems, for example XP, 2000, 2003, etc.

            LimoWiz does NOT remove the icons or data of previous LimoWiz versions. You may remove them yourself from the Add/Remove in Windows control panel.

            Wireless networks are not recommended to avoid problems with disconnections and causing problems with your critical data.

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