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Subject: How do I charge a credit in LimoWiz?
Category: Credit Card Processing

You have two options where you charge a credit from LimoWiz.

  1. You may edit a trip from the Pay Window when you Open trip from either the Dispatch window or by some other method like Find.
  2. Click the Pay icon on top Toolbar or press <F9> function key on your keyboard.
  3. On Payment window, select the card you want to process from the credit card drop down list.
    If you wish to make a partial amount payment, type the amount in the Amount Paid field.
  4. To process the card on the same day, first click the highlighted check box, then select card from  the above credit card list, then click the Process Payment.


    To give a partial credit, first click the payment transaction at the bottom of the list, then type the amount of the credit to issue ( below the Issue CC Credit for Current Record button), then click the button. Make sure you adjust the trip charges to reflect any changes to the total due.


    Functions of various buttons:
    Process Payment:
    Charge Card (Sale); this will charge the card and settle it at the specified time by the gateway.
    Pre Authorize: Gets credit card authorization. Puts charge on hold with card issues. The hold period depends on credit card issuing bank and can range from 5 to 30 days.

    Post Authorize: Captures a pre-authorized credit card transactions and settles it at a specified by time by the gateway.

    Void: Prevents a credit cards from being settled. Customers' cards will not be charged. If transaction is settled, the Issue Credit (refund) must be used.


    To charge the same credit card multiple times on the same day and to avoid a duplicate transaction message, the Force CC Sale Authorization for Same Day Charge must be clicked before processing a sale.




















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