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Subject: How do I create a rate / price table for a certain account?
Category: Misc
Here is what is need to do:
1. Create your general price table and add as much as many rates as you can. If a table is already created, go to next step.
2. Go into account list and edit account you want to create price table for. Click on second tab, Rate Settings.

Click the Use Own Price Table then click the Price Table button at bottom right. LimoWiz then prompts you to create a price table for account, click Yes,


 and make any changes you need to the generated price table. The changes you make only affect this table.

Note: that title of the window changes to Price Table for [ACCOUT NUMBER]. In above sample it would be "Price Table for JOHNDOE".

If you need to erase (delete) the price table, click the Erase Table button on bottom right.

If you create a price that you want to use for multiple accounts, see Price Table Name option. Click the dotted button and locate the file. All account price tables begin with PRICETABLE followed by account number and .DBF extension.

You may also enter an expiration date or a description. Upon expiration, LimoWiz will display a warning upon trying to book a reservation for a certain account.

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