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Subject: How do I change a user's password or add/edit/delete LimoWiz users and place restrictions?
Category: Misc

Click the Tools menu, then select LimoWiz User Setup.

Master User Verification window will be displayed. Login with the MASTER account. You must know the MASTER password to login.

You can then add/edit/delete users. The MASTER account cannot be deleted.
To place restrictions while in Edit mode, click the Restrictions tab and click the check boxes of the options you want to prevent users from accessing.

Note: If you do not know the MASTER account password, you will have to contact the person in your office who has the password. If no one knows the password, an authorized person must email us first to schedule a time to retrieve it.  After we receive your email we will give you a time as to when your remote session will be ready with instructions.You must be in front the computer when we do the session.

Please note, you must be on an active support contract for us to provide a remote web session. If your maintenance and support is expired, order the renewal at:


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