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Subject: How do I fax from LimoWiz?
Category: Fax

LimoWiz can send faxes via email using Internet Fax services like Ring Central, E-Fax, etc.

You can fax anything: trip tickets, single trips invoices, contracts, etc from dispatch window or from within trip window. Clicking the Fax button displays a pop-up menu to choose to whom you want to send the fax. If  there is no fax number found, the Fax wizard is displayed.

Fax using Internet faxing services (Recommended):

1. Setup an account with a service like Ring Central.
2. Install the BullZip printer driver from
3. Setup your trusted email account under LimoWiz or your email program, such as, Outlook. The email address must also be entered under your online fax account, otherwise, faxes will not be sent.

Faxing via computer Modem:

LimoWiz also integrates with Windows XP/2003/Vista and Windows 7 Pro fax engine (fax printer driver) which is free. No additional software required; however you will need a phone line and modem installed in your computer.

If fax driver is not already installed, you can install it using Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel, then click Windows Components.

Note: Fax printer driver is available on Vista Ultimate and Window 7 Pro and Ultimate. Others versions of windows may not include it.

See Control Panel, Turn Windows Features On or Off.

Click the Add Remove Programs, then select Add/Remove Windows Components

Next click Fax Services and click the Next button. 

Then go into LimoWiz Settings - Fax tab
Set it the Fax driver to FAX

Fax Settings:
To access outside line and dial long distance calls:
For example:
9, to access outside
1, to dial long distance
To set these options, see File Menu, Fax Settings menu option.
If you're on a network, this be be done on all computers: server and clients, since each may have its dialing procedure.

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