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Subject: Using LimoWiz HTML Editor:
Category: Email
  1. Open the LimoWiz HTML Editor from Tools menu.
  2. Type the text that you want to appear in the emailed confirmation footer (terms and conditions).
  3. Save and name the file whatever you like.
    The file must be saved in the LimoWiz data path. This will be used by default.
  4. You need to create a CONFIRM-DEFAULT.HTM   (You must spell it correctly)
    This file is used when no Confirm Type is entered on trip window.
  5. You can format text and set multiple styles such as color, font size, insert bullets, etc.
  6. To create Confirmation Types list and attach HTML files created to them, see Browse menu, Confirmation Types and HTML Email. Here you can create user define unlimited Confirmation Types. This list can also be accessed from Trip Window next to the Confirm Type drop down list.
  7. Now, when you send an HTML confirmation, LimoWiz checks to see if the confirmation type is populated on trip window and uses the attached HTML file, otherwise it uses the CONFIRM-DEFAULT.HTM
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