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Subject: How does LimoWiz handle the billing and generation of invoices and statements?
Category: Billing
  • LimoWiz handles account aging on a monthly basis and it  will take into consideration the number of days in the given month, for example 28, 29, 30 or 31 days.

  • If NO opening date is specified, and NO check boxes selected, all outstanding trips will print. If opening date is specified, and NO check boxes are selected in the options list, then trips within the period specified will print including both the open balance and the past due balance. This is a new feature that allows you to print over due balances without reprinting the actual overdue trips. This similar to QuickBooks. 
  •  If you check 'Process aging for specified dates only and you do NOT check the 'Do not print aging summary', only specified period will be included in the aging summary. If both are checked, no aging is printed and the total due will only reflect current balance.
  • If you select 'Process aging for specified dates only, you should also check 'Do not print aging summary' to avoid confusion.


The above allows you to perform the following:

Print account billing address in first page only to save paper. Print routing details (pick-up and drop off information). You can elect to process aging for the period specified by opening and closing dates. You may choose not to print the aging summary. You calculate finance charges. The settings of the finance percentage rate can be found under LimoWiz's Settings. You select to print a general message on the last page of the multi-trip invoice.

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