Comparison of LimoWiz single user version and LimoWiz network version
Feature Single User Network
Local area network support No Yes
Terminal services support (Remote Desktop Services) No Yes
Allow more than one user to open and use LimoWiz at the same time. For example: one user can enter reservations, one user can print reports like bills and various reports, etc.Other users can be doing other tasks. No Yes
Number of users allowed to open LimoWiz 1 Unlimited *
Share and see data entered by other users on network No Yes
Allow multiple instances of LimoWiz to open at the same time No Yes
Create multiple user logins (User ID, Password) Yes Yes
Place restrictions on certain functions of LimoWiz Yes Yes
All other functions are the same. For more info click here.
* LimoWiz has no limit, however Windows operating system may impose certain limits on actual number of users. Additional Microsoft CAL licenses may be required on operating systems with more than 7 users.