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Subject: Printed Contract Terms and Conditions (RTF format) Creation
Category: Printing

Create terms and conditions for various type contract, trip ticket footers:

Go to Settings icon on top toolbar click RTF Terms/Conditions tab.

If the RTF editor is not found in your LimoWiz installation, you will be asked to download it. Login to members page for download links.

Next, type your terms and conditions. Try to be concise and brief!

Save the editor content to a File, Make sure the data path is valid and points to LimoWiz data folder.

After saving the file, close the RTF editor to go back to LimoWiz Settings window, then click the file selection button as shown below.

Locate the file and click Open, or double click it to select and close the window automatically.

After the file path is populated for you, click the Save button as shown below.

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