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Subject: Restore LimoWiz Data - Tutorial.
Category: Installation

Note: Before doing backup or restore, all windows in LimoWiz must be closed. On a network, all users must exit LimoWiz

1. Click on Restore Data radio button.

2. Click Yes on the warning box.

3. Click Yes on the Confirmation box

4. Select the backup file from the Open archive. Then click the Open button. 

5. If the backup file is located in a different  folder, for example A: drive, click on upper drop-down arrow open the folder list like:

6. LimoWiz will then ask you to specify which folder your data will be restored to. By default it's c:\limowiz2000

7. A message will appear telling you where the data will be extracted to (restored to).

7. LimoWiz will do some quick processing of backup data, then it will prompt you to a message, Click Yes to All.

8. Restore Completed message is completed. Click Ok to index.

9. Click Index.

Indexing will begin after you click on the Index button


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